Coronavirus: measures to take - Update 3/12/2020

du 9 mars 2020 au 27 mars 2020



Evolution of the Coronavirus epidemic: new measures to adopt for students & staff  (french version)

In the context of an intensification of public policy measures regarding the coronavirus epidemic, Sciences Po Toulouse teams are taking action in order to ensure the continuation of academic activity in the best possible conditions.

This message is intended to remind you of current recommendations and to inform you of actions that have been implemented. Specific messages related to each university year cohort concerning the epidemic’s implications on pedagogical activities will be communicated to all students concerned.  

In dealing with the coronavirus, there are simple reflexes you can adopt so that you and those around you can remain healthy:

  • Wash your hands very regularly;
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or use a paper handkerchief;
  • Greet others without shaking hands, avoid hugging and kissing;
  • Use single-use tissues and then throw them away. 

For those who find themselves returning from a zone where the virus has been spreading
(Toulouse metropolitan area is not considered to be a virus circulation zone for the moment):

  • Take your temperature twice a day;
  • Watch for symptoms of respiratory infection (coughing, difficulty breathing…);
  • Wash your hands regularly or use a hydro-alcoholic solution;
  • Avoid any contact with vulnerable people (pregnant women, the chronically ill, the elderly…);
  • Avoid frequenting places where you may find vulnerable people (hospitals, maternity wards, retirement homes…);
  • Avoid all non-essential outings (large gatherings, restaurants, the cinema…).

In case of any signs of respiratory infection (fever or feeling feverish, coughing, breathing difficulties), if you live in a zone where the virus is spreading or during the 14 days following your return from a zone where the virus has been spreading:

  • Contact your doctor (or Samu Centre 15 if you suffer from serious symptoms) and report your symptoms and your recent trip
  • Avoid all contact with your entourage;
  • Do not go to your doctor nor to the hospital emergency room (so as to avoid any potential contamination).

In that case, kindly inform Sciences Po Toulouse at

Instructions concerning travel
Staff missions, internships and student mobility - as well as personal travel - outside of the European Union (including the U.K.) or in risk areas within the E.U., are suspended. 


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