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Dear Students, 

The President of the French Republic has announced the closure of higher education institutions starting Monday March 16th until further notice. Therefore, from this date on, Sciences Po Toulouse will be unable to accept its students within its walls. All courses requiring a physical presence have been suspended. The library will be closed. The administrative services will no longer be able to welcome students. These circumstances are exceptional. However, there is no reason to worry. The administrative staff and faculty at Sciences Po Toulouse are doing everything within their power to guarantee the continuation of the public service. 

For the last few days, we have been working on implementing operational solutions to complete the semester in acceptable conditions, even if they will have inevitably been eroded. Throughout the entire period of closure, courses will be carried out online via the moodle platform. Course content will progressively be put on line over the next few weeks. The teaching format will necessarily have to be adapted. It will not be possible to put certain courses online during this end-of-term period, notably languages classes. 

Starting next week, we will keep you informed regularly concerning the implementation of these online courses (please note: you might receive e-mail messages from UT1. Kindly disregard these messages and solely rely on communication from Sciences Po Toulouse). 

Assessment terms will be adjusted, whether related to ongoing assessment or final exams (partial finals). It is however too early to communicate on the exact form of these new assessment terms. We will keep you informed. Regarding all these academic issues your reference person will be your program director of studies (see above for contact information) The Sciences Po Toulouse facilities are closed for students, but administrative services will remain in activity. There will be no service interruption for matters such as scholarship payment, internships, etc… 

For now, we require you to quickly check your ability to access the moodle platform: If you cannot access the platform, please contact the IT service: 

Further information will be communicated to you via your e-mail address and will be posted on line on this page. Please make sure to check both regularly

Dear students, we are about to experience an unprecedented and troubled period. We should nevertheless remain optimistic. With efforts from all, we will manage to overcome these exceptional times. Although we no longer will be able to see you on a daily basis, we will remain mobilized in your interest. Beyond matters regarding Sciences Po Toulouse teaching programs, we urge you to take good care of yourselves. Please follow health recommendations. We hope to see you all again very soon!

Vos interlocutrices et interlocuteurs pour les aspects pédagogiques

Votre formation 
Your program
Votre interlocuteur/trice
Your reference person
Contact info
1ère ou 2ème année du diplôme
1st or 2nd year
Simon Tordjman
3ème année du diplôme (mobilité)
3rd year (mobility)
Service Relations Internationales
3ème année du diplôme (stage)
3rd year (internship)
Services Stages / Insertion professionnelle
4ème ou 5ème année / Carrières Administratives
4th or 5th year/Administratives Careers
Delphine Espagno
4ème ou 5ème année / Affaires européennes
4th or 5th year/European affairs
Gildas Tanguy
4ème ou DNM / CEAP
4th or DNM/CEAP
Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans
4ème ou 5ème année / Développement économique et coopération internationale
4th or 5th year/Economic development and international cooperation
Catherine Baron
4ème ou 5ème année / Affaires internationales et stratégie d'entreprise
4th or 5th year/International affairs and Business strategy
Alexandre Minda
4ème ou 5ème année / Relations internationales : nouveaux enjeux et gestion de crise
4th or 5th year/International relations:emerging issues and crisis management
Laure Ortiz et Simon Tordjman
4ème ou DNM GRI
4th or DNM/GRI
Benjamin Gourisse
4ème ou 5ème année / Risques, science, environnement, santé
4th or 5th year/Risks, sciences, environment and health
Julien Weisbein
4ème ou 5ème année / Politique, discriminations, genre
4th or 5th year/Policy, discrimination, gender
Isabelle Lacoue-Labarthe et Olivier Philippe
4ème ou 5ème année / Communication
4th or 5th year/Communication
Jérémie Nollet
4ème ou 5ème année / Journalisme
4th or 5th year/Journalism
Olivier Baisnee
4ème ou DNM / Etudes culturelles
4th or DNM/Cultural studies
Christine Mennesson et Eric Darras
DNM GAI Stephanie Burgaud
DNM GSE Valerie Larrosa
University diploma "International & comparative studies" Andrew Milne
Licence d'administration publique
Public administration B.A.
Christopher Charles
AFP Paul Vinaches
CEP Clés d'analyse du monde contemporain Xavier Marchand-Tonel

Si vous avez des questions administratives...

Le type de question
Issue type...
Le service concerné
Your reference person
Votre scolarité
School administration
Service scolarité
School administration services
Selon votre année, l’adresse mail habituelle de votre scolarité (,...)
Depending on your study year, the regular school admin e-mail address (scolarité ...)
Votre mobilité académique
Service Relations Internationales
International relations services
Votre stage
Services Stages / Insertion professionnelle
Internship/occupational integration services


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Happsy Line

Dans le contexte actuel de crise sanitaire nationale, vous n'avez pas pu rentrer chez vous et vous vous sentez anxieux et/ou isolés, l’Université Fédérale maintient les rendez-vous avec une équipe de psychologues (francophones, anglophones et hispanophones) pour une consultation gratuite via webcam jusqu'au 17 juillet 2020.
Consultation psychologique par webcam pour tous les étudiants

Service Interuniversitaire de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé

Le Service Interuniversitaire de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé (Simpps) au sein des universités a dû suspendre son fonctionnement habituel, au regard des recommandations de santé publique.
Pendant le confinement, il assure les missions suivantes:
  • Accueil médical hors Covid-19 : accueil sur rendez-vous, avec en permanence 2 médecins et 2 infirmières présentes sur le site de Rangueil. 
  • Soutien psychologique : rdv téléphonique ou par visio avec 3 psychologues mobilisées à distance 
  • Accompagnement social : en coordination avec le CROUS, et pour permettre l’attribution d’aides d’urgence par les établissements (rdv téléphonique ou par visio)
Pour tout contact 
Tél : 05 61 55 73 67
Mail :


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