A word from the Director and Vice-Chancellor

The IEP is all about opening up to the rest of the world. Firstly, we take great care with regard to where our students actually come from and we have an innovative equal-opportunities policy. It's also all about cultural outlook too as we have a great deal of international partnerships. Thanks to the results we gained at the Excellence in Research Awards it is also about intellectual outlook and approach.  When these three elements are put together we get on the one hand open-mindedness which improves the social utopian view of a better understanding of the world in which we live. Secondly, they enable the excellent integration of our qualified students into the world of work. So, come share in our aspirations!
Philippe Raimbault
Director and Vice-Chancellor

Our Master's Degrees

  • The IEP Diploma
    A 5-year degree course to the highest standards of excellence. Enrolment is subject to successfully sitting the competitive entry examination of the IEP. The IEP Diploma is multidisciplinary, turned towards the world of work and lays great emphasis on the international aspect of courses taken. Furthermore, there are more than 12 specializations available to choose from in years 4 and 5.

  • The National  Master's Degree
    The Master's Degree in Political Science offers 3 specializations in partnership with the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole and 1 specialization with the UTM and the UPS. Selection of applicants is by written application after completing the 1st year of Master's Degree or by transferring for  the 5th year of the IEP Diploma.

IEP Diplomas

  • The CEP - International Mobility
    This specialised course is offered to foreign students (visiting on an international-mobility exchange programme), combining both specific and classic teaching methods for which the IEP is renowned. Application is open to international students and lasts 1 year.

  • The University Diploma (UD) in "International and Comparative Studies"
    This is a diploma in which the courses are entirely given in English, open to application from students who have decided to come to Sciences Po Toulouse for a year or a semester abroad. It is a high-level qualification centred around International Relations and comparative political studies. Application may be made in writing after having completed a minimum of two years in higher education (120 ECTS).


  • 1, 706 students, of which 33.6% are grant holders, 14% international students and 64.4 % female students.
  • 200 people following in-house training courses, along with a complete course offered in Distance Learning.  
  • 9, 994 applicants for the 3rd year of the Common Entrance Examination for 6 IEPs in France with 1,024 applicants who successfully gained a place.
  • 44 tenured teachers and researcher lecturers and over 150 outside contributors.
  • 41 administrative employees.

Job opportunitie

7 major professional fields of employment, making up 86% of all the domains in which our graduates successfully managed to find employment in 2009:
  • Auditing / Counselling
  • Media / Communications
  • Marketing / Management
  • European and International Affairs
  • Humanitarian Development
  • Culture / Leisure
  • Human Resources / Recruitment


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