Sciences Po Toulouse is in the center of the city and about twenty minutes’ ride via the shuttle (navette) from the airport. The nearest stop to Sciences Po Toulouse on the airport shuttle is at Compans Caffarelli. Airport Shuttle Information. A single ticket costs about 8 euros and tickets can be purchased on board (in cash).

Alternatively, it is possible to take the TRAM (line T2) to Palais de Justice (line B) and then take the metro to Sciences Po Toulouse (line B, Compans Caffarelli stop). This will cost €1.70. The same ticket can be used on the Tram and then used again on the Metro as long as both journeys are consecutive and within an hour of validating the ticket as you board the Tram.

The nearest metro station is also at Compans Caffarelli, line B (Toulouse Metro, English version).

Application for Toulouse Transport Company (Tisseo).

Download maps for buses, tram and metro.



Only the International Office of Sciences Po Toulouse can provide university accommodation at halls of residence. A request must be made on the application form directly during the application process. No hall-of-residence room will be attributed through the central university CROUS but must only go through the Sciences Po International Office.

Monthly rent at a hall of residence in Toulouse will cost approximately €300. We are unable to guarantee a room for each student as the number of rooms is limited. The applicant will be informed in the first two weeks of July if they have been attributed with a place at a hall of residence. We shall do our utmost to accommodate.

Private accommodation is the alternative option in Toulouse for visiting students that do not wish to stay at hall of residence or who are not attributed with a place. An apartment in the center of Toulouse for a student will cost in the region of €380-€550 per month. It is also possible to find a room with families. Students should start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. They can either do this on their own or they can seek assistance from the Welcome Desk of the Federal University of Toulouse that can provide help in looking for a place to stay while in Toulouse (for a fee of €33 someone can pick you at up at the airport; for €100, they will open a bank account, help you with the formalities of visa as well as the obtaining of state financial aid for accommodation, transport tickets, SIM cards, assistance in guiding you to find accommodation, house insurance; for a fee of €200, someone will also find you a place to stay and book it for the time that you are studying in Toulouse as well as all the previously-stated options). 

The following internet sites may be of help to find private accommodation or flat-shares:

Se Loger
Paru Vendu
Logement Studyrama
Chambre à Louer
Loc Service
Oh! Mon Appart’étudiant
Appartager (Flat sharing)

The French state provides financial aid (CAF) to students (including foreign students) in order to pay something towards their accommodation as long as they meet certain criteria. Requests for the CAF are made in September and will be granted in October and paid for the first time in November, for example. The CAF internet site is only in French, but, you should find someone to help you complete the application if you do not speak French. To benefit from the Housing Allowance, a foreign student from outside of the EU must have a valid OFII visa and a residence permit (or a receipt of request of the residence permit).


The housing allowance can be paid directly to the owner of the rented apartment you are staying in and then deducted from your rent every month. The calculation of the Housing Allowance will be made on the basis of the applicant’s financial resources, family situation, nature of the accommodation, place of residence, rent and the number of dependents that they may have. You can be staying at a sublet, shared accommodation, hall of residence, hotel, furnished accommodation but you must not be staying with a relative and you must have a French bank account and be the rental agreement holder (with the ability to provide a receipt of rent).



Date of update April 23, 2019


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