What is "Sciences Po Toulouse"?

Sciences Po Toulouse is one of ten Institutes of Political Studies (IEP) in France and is located in the pink city of Toulouse. Founded in 1947, the school is recognised for its academic excellence in the fields of political science, economics, law and sociology.
The teaching at Sciences Po Toulouse focuses on practical learning and critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to develop analytical thinking and acquire the skills necessary to become top professionals in their field.
The School's faculty is made up of leading academics and professionals from a variety of sectors, offering students a wide range of perspectives and experiences. The programmes offered include Bachelor's and Master's degrees, as well as continuing education programmes for professionals.
Sciences Po Toulouse is also a place of debate and reflection, regularly hosting conferences, seminars and public events, offering a unique opportunity to interact with opinion leaders, politicians, academics and experts from various fields.
In short, Sciences Po Toulouse is a leading institution in France, offering a high quality education and an enriching experience for students wishing to pursue a career in many fields.



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