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Séminaire du LEREPS avec Jens Horbach (University of Applied Sciences Augsburg)

Publié le 26 février 2024

le 1 mars 2024

Salle MD 404  - Sciences Po Toulouse- Manufacture des Tabacs

Ce vendredi 1er mars à 14h,  le LEREPS accueillera Jens HORBACH pour une présentation de son article " : "Climate Change Affectedness and Innovation in German Firms" -  en salle MD404 à la Manufacture des Tabacs (4ème étage),

Ce séminaire sera retransmis sur Zoom 

Résumé :

Eco-innovations are crucial for the mitigation of climate change effects. It is therefore important to know if the existing climate change regulations and carbon pricing are appropriate and sufficient to trigger such innovations. Besides government measures, the demand for carbon neutral products or the impacts of climate change such as extreme weather conditions leading to higher costs for the affected firms may also promote eco-innovation activities. For the first time, the new wave of the Community Innovation Survey 2020 in Germany allows an analysis of the effects of climate change policy and costs, demand for climate friendly goods and extreme weather conditions on (eco-)innovation. The results of probit and treatment effect models show that innovative firms seem to be significantly more affected by climate change measures and consequences compared to other firms. All climate change indicators are positively correlated to eco-innovations. Interestingly, other innovation activities also profit from the extent to which a firm is affected by climate change albeit the marginal effects are lower compared to ecoinnovations. Demand for climate neutral products is significantly important for all eco-product innovations.